George Mercouris

The story goes back to the time when George Mercuris began to give haircuts to friends and people he knew. He got to the point of giving haircuts to his whole village, Mohos. He decided to do something with this inclination and went to study hairdressing. There, he discovered his passion for hair and hairstyling.

At the same time, George Mercuris is a loved and highly trained teacher: he trains hairdressers all over the world!

Hair Design

In 2017, the first Mercuris studio opened in Hersonissos. George chose a strong team that shared his vision; together they created a beautiful space with good vibes. When it comes to work, George is a perfectionist. It was no surprise when in 2019 he got awarded as the best hairdresser in Greece at the Greek Barber Festival.

In 2020, the Mercuris team expanded and opened a new, second store. Observing the needs and trends of the market, George is constantly developing his skills while he has launched two men’s hairstyling product lines.


Our Style

At Mercuris hair design we take good care of you because we want you to feel good. We are there for you with professionalism but also a true good mood. It’s important that you will be able to support the styling we will offer you. That’s why we find together what suits you best and reflects your mood..

Our creative team doesn’t stop training and developing techniques while getting to know the new trends.